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Omen in Yulgang 2 SEA

The much awaited game in Philippines the Yulgang 2 Online is now in OBT Phase. Omen successfully established the guild and proudly the very 1st guild to be established both CBT and OBT Phase. The said 1st guild to be established...
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Omen in Aura Kingdom

Omen Gaming Community has successfully invaded Aura Kingdom and Established a Guild House in the said game. The former Omen Leader Moi and it’s members in HOTO (Hero of The Obelisk) decided to transfer and play Aura Kingdom when the...
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Omen Gaming Community: Yulgang 2 RAID

  Cubizone held a Free Play event last weekend for 2013′s highly anticipated online game. The Free Play launched  Cubizone’s latest MMORPG: Yulgang 2 SEA. The event was sponsored by Boyztrek internet cafe in Davao city, which opened 50 computer...
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Team Davao OGC Champion

  The Esports scene tapped Mindanao area once again as Garena Philippines in partnership with CM Storm tested Davao Summoners’ skills in the recently concluded CM Storm Challenger Tournament – Boyztrek Davao. With 27 teams in participation, the league started...
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